For some people, an inheritance including property can create more problems than their worth. The house could be in a hard to reach location; it might need a lot of work to do up; or perhaps you just don't have the time to manage another property besides your own. Vacant properties can attract squatters and invite the risk of vandalism. If you want to access the equity that your loved one has left behind for you but can't stomach having to deal with estate agents and solicitor fees, then Local Property Buyers could buy your property off you in just under a month.

Sometimes receiving a property in a will can be a blessing; but other times, it can present a difficult burden. Even if you want to sell, you still might have to refurbish the entire house; track down an estate agent that you can trust; pay solicitor and estate agent fees up front; and wait almost half a year, on average, for the process to be complete.

Local Property Buyers can help make the whole process much, much smoother. We typically complete sales in just under a month for example. We also don't demand any fees and offer very competitive prices for houses, all over the UK. Finally, we will buy a property, whatever condition it is, saving you and your family money and time while you're still grieving. Local Property Buyers understand that inheriting a property is not always good news and we will always look for the right solution to suit your situation.

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