Some landlords can feel overwhelmed by the size of their portfolio and the state of their houses. Keeping up with regulations can also be a daily struggle. We can buy your property off you outright, reducing your stress and allowing you to focus on your other houses.

Having to manage lots of properties can be a pain. You might feel that you've taken on too much and some of your properties aren't worth the upkeep. Perhaps your tenants aren't meeting their payments and the property is no longer a sound investment. If any of these things ring true, then get in touch with Local Property Byers and we can purchase your property directly from you for a competitive price.

You might also be struggling to pay off mortgage repayments. If that's the case, then we can also help you undertake a smooth and quick sale. Some of our clients have also converted houses into flats and find that they can't find tenants to move in. Again, Local Property Buyers can help.

If you find yourself in more troubled waters and one of your properties is under threat of repossession, we can ensure that you sell the property before the court intervenes. We have a team of specialist lawyers that are equipped to deal with such situations. Or, finally, you might be ready for retirement and want to sell your properties outright so you can look forward to a peaceful, stress free future. With Local Property Buyers, we will make sure your retirement gets off to a smooth start.

Whatever the reason you need to sell - whether one of your properties simply isn't performing as well as the rest and your want to focus your attention on the rest of your portfolio - Local Property Buyer's offer the simplest and fastest service around. So don't delay and get in touch to receive your FREE, no obligation offer.

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