Sometimes, people have to relocate at very short notice and need to free up cash from their property to fund their move. We can buy your property off you within 28 days, making sure that the stress of moving house is kept to an absolute minimum.

Indeed, whether you need to pursue a new job, fancy a change of scenery; want to downsize to save on bills; or even improve your standard of living, Local Property Buyers will do everything we can to help ease your move.

Relocating can be an arduous process however, and you might be put off by all the hassle involved in arranging viewings; refurbishing your house; and paying excessive fees. With Local Property Buyers, you won't have to fret about any of these things. We guarantee a fast, efficient and inexpensive sale. This means that your family can settle into the new area just as soon as you've found your next home.

Or if you have to move to take up a new job, with a long drawn out sale process, sometimes people are forced to move their families into temporary or expensive rented accommodation while they wait for the sale to be completed. Or worst still, you might have to leave your family behind and wait for them to move until a buyer is found. Buy speeding up the entire process, Local Property Buyers ensure that your family can remain together while you adjust to your new life.

Another advantage of going through us is that you don't have to worry about the sale breaking down somewhere in the chain - with the solicitor, the estate agent or the buyers themselves. Once we've agreed a fee, there is no threat of the process breaking down at any point. That is our solemn promise.

Local Property Buyers have aimed to make the sale process as smooth as possible - so quit putting off your dream move and contact Local Property Buyers for a FREE, no obligation over. You could be starting a new life in just under a month.

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