Thousands of people across the UK face the threat of repossession every single day. Repossession poses more than the threat of just the loss of your house however. It can also lead to a bad credit rating, which can make future borrowing hard. Local Property Buyers can apply for a "stay of repossession" on your behalf and buy your property within a month – before the house is repossessed, leaving you with nothing. In fact, we have a team of solicitors who can halt the repossession process and settle your arrears in full.


There is a lot of misinformation about repossession - fortunately, we're here to establish the facts. First, many homeowners mistakenly believe that their only option is to surrender their house. However, once you've handed over your property, you are not excused from paying off any remaining debt. If there are still outstanding debts, you will be liable for them as long as they are not paid off - even if you sell off your house.

A lot of people also give up and don't bother to go to court to fight their case. This is a major error. If you turn up at court, you will receive free advice from the court desk advisor on your situation – and just being there can often improve your chances of hanging onto your property. In fact, in 78% of cases were homeowners did show up, repossession was avoided and clients were able to remain in their home. Bear in mind that eviction and repossession are supposed to be a last resort - the lenders have to prove beyond reasonable doubt that there are no options left before they can take your home.

Local Property Buyers can help you hang on to your home by applying on your behalf for a "stay of possession". We will also offer to buy your house within a period of just under a month, so that you can settle your debts in full before being forcibly evicted.
If you are in danger of being evicted and need help to avoid forced repossession, then contact us today for your FREE, no obligation offer.

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