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At Local Property Buyers, we buy any home in the UK, regardless of its current condition. What distinguishes us from traditional estate agents is that we strive to deliver a quick and painless sale, often within a period of just a month. So if you're in dire financial straits; are undergoing a difficult divorce process; need to move to a new home in a hurry; or have an inherited a property you're keen to sell,, Local Property Buyers can find the quick and easy solution to suit you. We can also help deal with the threat of repossession or forced eviction. We have a team of expert lawyers at hand to help make sure you can stay in your house, sell it on and pay off your mortgage in full before the courts get involved. Unlike estate agents, we do not charge exorbitant fees, nor will you have to consult with an expensive solicitor. There are no excess fees and we aim to make the experience of selling your home as quick, easy and inexpensive as possible. We don't ask you to spend precious time or money on doing up your home either. We will take your property off your hands, whatever state it is currently in. The other advantage of using Local Property Buyers is that you will save time not having to arrange hundreds of viewings, as you sell directly to us. Indeed, one of the most frustrating things about selling your home is often waiting on potential buyers to make up their mind, put in an offer and even just show up. We all know how stressful the process can be. But with Local Property Buyers, you don't have to worry about broken chains or the deal falling through at the very last minute. Local Property Buyers are revolutionizing the way people all across the nation sell their homes. So, if you're eager to make a quick and easy sell, without added expense and having to commit hours and hours of your precious time, complete our online form and receive your free, no obligation offer from us now. So, we’re here to help you make the right choice. Look below to learn a little bit more about the options available to you, and the benefits you stand to reap.

The Housing Market: A Financial Minefield

We all know how confusing and overwhelming the housing market is today. Whenever we watch the news, read a paper, or check out our favourite online news pages, we’re bombarded with statistics and figures about the market’s rising house prices, inflation, forecasts, and a host of other bits and pieces we may struggle to understand. We hear conflicting stories about ‘how there’s never been a better time to sell’, and about ‘how this is the worst period in history for buyers and sellers’ … this can make anyone with an interest to buy or sell feel downhearted, as if their only choice is to sell at a loss through a long, miserable process. You’re likely to have many questions: How can you know what money you stand to make? Can you trust estate agencies when they offer estimates and claim to be able to find the perfect buyer at the price you want? Well, each agent is different, but anyone with any experience of dealing with them will attest to how frustrating the traditional buying and selling process can be. External problems can also swell and overshadow the entire situation: if you’re part of a chain, the person in your new home could find themselves unable to move, causing further delays; you could find yourself limited to just one offer from an interested buyer, only to find them unwilling to reach anywhere near your price; you might find your estate agent isn’t the best match for you and your property, and then need to actually switch to another and begin the process again. When you sell for cash, however, you can sidestep many of these problems and make money in a quick, easy way. All you have to do is trust us to make a deal with your best interests at heart - we want to buy your property for the fairest price we can. You’ll be free to move on within a month, with a huge chunk of money available to spend exactly as you’d like! Can you imagine a better feeling than avoiding the hassle so many other sellers complain about?

No matter how big or small, we buy any home

At local property buyers, we buy any house, big or small

How does the process work?

Selling your house for cash involves a lot less hassle than selling via the normal channels. Local Property Buyers will organise two independent surveys of your home, and offer you a great price, whatever your property’s condition and location. However, to get the best price you can, you can always give it a few touch-ups here and there. For interested buyers in the future, you should be looking to make the place feel as good as new.

How can you do this? Well, you have various options. Take a look at the tips below to get a few ideas:

  • Redecorate throughout
  • Repair any leaking taps & faulty amenities
  • Take care of any damp or leak
  • Tidy your gardens (if applicable)
  • Renovate

Now, depending on your budget, you might find yourself unable to follow some of these tips, but that’s fine - just do what you can. The important thing is to make it look as good as possible with the time and money available to you - there’s no sense in bleeding your bank account dry, but you should aim to create the best impression you can. Pay attention to the smaller details as well as the biggest. Try to imagine yourself entering the property for the first time, and see everything through fresh eyes: what would appeal to you? What would turn you off? Approaching a beloved home with such a strange mindset can be difficult, but it’s worth trying to make sure you cover all the important bases. Also, by making little improvements to the property here and there, you’re boosting the likelihood that it find new residents quickly - aim to create a pleasant, attractive property that appeals to a broad range of people. Don’t just target buyers exactly like yourself: try to aim for mass appeal. Not sure where to start? Well, perhaps take a look at the houses you consider to be the nicest in your area. If any have sold recently (and quickly), perhaps take a look at their exteriors and their gardens. What have they done to boost the presentation of the property? Are there any elements you can borrow to add to your own If you have any friends who’ve sold their homes recently, perhaps consult with them on their clean-up process. What did they do to make the property more appealing to buyers? Perhaps seek professional advice too, or speak with interior designers. You might not agree with every idea you see or hear, but remember - you don’t need to attach yourself to anything you dislike. You can just absorb as much data as you need to and then make your decisions from there.

What will you do with all your liberated cash?

Without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable aspects of selling your property for fast cash is the freedom you get in return. You might have a plan in mind, or you might be waiting until you have the money ready to spend before you decide on a set path. Whatever you want to do, that’s fine with us - after all, it’s your money! We’re just helping you get it faster and easier than any estate agents can. For some people, selling their home for cash is a way to clear debts. Many of us know, unfortunately, how stressful and upsetting debts can be: they hang over you constantly, causing misery and despair, leaving you wondering how or when you’ll be able to clear them. The threat of repossession can linger like a bad smell, even placing strain on the entire family - and it’s not surprising: the loss of a beloved home is a dire situation too many people face now. However, selling your home for cash can help you free up the cash you need to pay off your debts, and help you win back the freedom to live without fearing more phone calls and more letters demanding money. For other people, however, the decision to sell for cash is down to different reasons. A lot of older couples, for example, sell their properties for cash so they can downsize into a smaller property. This is typically done when children have grown up and moved out to start their own lives and families, leaving the parents in a house that could be too big for them to maintain and an unnecessary expense. Having the cash quickly means downsizing is not a long process - you can simply find a place you like, sell your current property and move into your new one within several weeks. The cash can either be used to help buy the new property, or it can be used to pay a rental deposit and years’ worth of rent and bills, as well as lots of new furnishings and treats. Again, the key word here is freedom - something you may not have fully embraced for a while! Selling your home can also liberate money to pass on as inheritance - this is quicker, easier, and less hassle than leaving a property behind for loved ones, and gives you the freedom to choose when and how much they receive in cash. Of course, for other people, that freedom may be even further-reaching - you may be selling your property to start a new, exciting phase of your life elsewhere. If you plan to travel the world, imagine how far tens of thousands of pounds could take you! It could fund years and years of exploration and sightseeing. You might even have some left over to start renting somewhere new - wherever you decide to make your home!

Will you find selling easy?

It’s not just estate agents, chains and other hassles that make moving so hard - you may have years and years’ worth of memories stored up within a property. Perhaps it’s the place you first lived with a beloved partner, or raised your children, or shared with other family members. Perhaps it’s the only place you’ve ever lived, passed on to you from parents. Whatever the reasons, emotional attachments to properties can be incredibly hard to let go of, and may leave you struggling to make that leap. If this is the case, then it might make the prospect of selling the home almost too difficult to bear. This doesn’t have to stop you in your tracks, however - you should focus on the benefits selling up will bring, and the opportunities lying ahead. You should remember that the property itself is just that - a piece of property, with no inherent emotional value. You might have created memories there, but they can be taken with you. All you’ll be leaving behind is the shell. So, though it’s hard, try to focus on that, and gradually detach yourself emotionally from the house. Perhaps take lots of pictures of the place as it is now, as you’ve made it and want to remember it, and place them in an album or special keepsake box: you can make these into a treasured collection and take them wherever you go. Perhaps write a letter from yourself to the house, thanking it for all the good times you’ve enjoyed there, and articulate other thoughts and feelings this way - it’ll make you feel much better. Redecorating and changing the house’s layout around before you move out can also help make the transition much easier. By doing this, you’ll be helping to separate your heart and mind from the property - if it already starts to look like someone else’s house, then you’ll prepare yourself better for the knowledge that it will soon belong to another family. So, try a new colour scheme, a new scent for each room, rearrange any furniture that’s staying - do whatever you can to make it easier for yourself and your family.

Trust us to help you, we buy any home

Selling your property, whatever the reasons, can be difficult for the various reasons we’ve looked at, but Local Property Buyers is dedicated to making this as easy and stress-free as we possibly can. Our team will listen, speak openly, and really help you feel at ease during every stage of the process. Just give us a call to discuss your options, and we’ll take down some key details about your home. There is no obligation here: we’ll give you a quote there and then, so all you have to do is think and decide. Remember: whatever the condition, whatever the location, we buy any house. Get in touch today to start on your path to a new life. Call 0800 078 9594 now.

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